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Eu me protejo - cartilha em linguagem simples para educar crianças com e sem deficiência para prevenção contra abuso sexual.

Tese de mestrado de Patricia Almeida - Estudos da Deficiência - City University of New York - CUNY (2020).

I Protect Myself - Education for Prevention Against Child Sex Abuse: an inclusive approach

I Protect Myself - Simple language booklet to educate children with and without disabilities about prevention against sexual abuse.

Abstract: Vulnerability of children with disabilities to sexual abuse is much higher than their non-disabled peers. The lack of comprehensive and accessible sex education initiatives are urgently needed to prevent violence and promote self-awareness, health, emancipation, empowerment, general well-being and a fulfilling life. Research to build an accessible user guide showed that there was also a lack of such material for children without disabilities. Given that, thanks to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, children with and without disabilities are increasingly going alongside to inclusive schools, the author used the principles of Universal Design for Learning and Easy Read to build a material that can be used for families, schools, churches, to help talk to children about sexual abuse with children with and without disabilities.

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