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I Protect Myself – Education in Easy Language to prevent Violence

I Protect Myself is an award winning, free and inclusive project created in 2020 with easy to understand materials, in a Universal Design for Learning approach, to prevent violence against children and adults with and without disabilities.


Research shows that 1 in 3 children with disabilities in the world has experienced violence (Lancet, 2022).


I Protect Myself started as a booklet for a girl with Down syndrome to learn how to recognize the risk of and act against abuse. Her mother designed it in Easy Read, with simple text, self-explained illustrations, clear background and direct information. It was the applied research for her Masters on Disability Studies and its validation process with the public informed the Guide on how to produce Easy Read materials – Simple as this: How to Use Easy Language.


50 other collaborators joined forces and the project has grown with music videos, puppet shows, games, literature books, and videos to enable families and educators to prepare children to prevent violence. The school book also tackles other differences, gender based violence, racism, and ableism prevention.


I Protect Myself became law to be used by every school in the state of Para, and is also being used in other parts of Brazil. It was presented at the Conference of State Parts of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities at the UN New York in 2022. It has versions in audiodescription, Brazilian Sign Language, English, Spanish and French.





Booklet I Protect Myself in English

Click in the image below to download for free

i protect myself cover eng.png


Book for Schools

I Protect Myself

because my Little Body is Mine

in English

Click in the image below

to download for free

cover my little body is mine eng.png
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